Easy pause and playback controls just like a TiVo/DVR
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RedButton uses alternate sources for the same program. The computer must be turned on and have broadband internet access at time of recording.
Use with any desktop music software, on your iPod, or with any MP3 player.
Record as you listen or record while muted. Recordings are made directly to your computer (not RadioTime), and you can still use your computer for other things while recording.

Main Features:

- Automatically add recordings to iTunes and easily synch to iPod. The RadioTime playlist has the radio show schedule you set.

- Supports AM/FM Hardware
Tune and record local radio signal from any computer with a Griffin radioSHARK, Windows Media Center TV/FM tuner cards and others.

- Many customized options
Record to MP3, WMA, or AAC. Create presets, change settings for recording schedule, file names, sound quality, pause, and more.

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